Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello August.

I can't believe it's already eight months into the year, seven months since I moved back from Dubai and only a mere month left before I move again. Even though I'm not completely ready to give up on my summer wardrobe (mainly my open toed heels) it's time to start breaking out my autumn clothes. Through cleaning out my closet to preparing to move away from the lovely Munich my mind set has already changed to fall mode, and seemingly so has the weather. I've been spending the last few weeks of summer getting ready for the transition by going through my clothes, seeing what items are classic enough to keep and what needs to renewed. It is so difficult to decide what I want to take with me, what can stay at my parents place and what must go since a lot of my items hold sentimental value to me. Like my lace bracelet, not stylish but was a part of my graduation outfit or the orange maxi dress that not only got me through but I swear helped me ace my exams. In preparing for setting up a closet shop, and flea-market spree I ran into a few of the purchases from my time in dubai that absolutely fit the fall mood. It is with this outfit I intend to move on and prepare myself for the next adventure, no matter how hard I want to hold on to summer. In the end even if it gets cold there will always be time to strut around in my summer heels, even if it might be inside and a little bit intoxicated. Happy Thursday

(Neon Necklace - Newlook)
(Crop Top - Forever 21)
(Mom Jeans - Topshop)
(Neon Clutch - Suite Blanco)
(Everyday Business Heels - XXI)


  1. you are wayy too skinny....

  2. I love you in mom jeans, you look awesome :))))

  3. Love your accessories! ��

  4. The sign that you can see your ribs is worrysome

  5. fat people wish you were as fat as them