Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dungaree Kind of Day

Sorry for the lack of posts and updates (unless you've been following me via' instagram, then my apologies for the frivolous non-stop posting about my constant whereabouts and mood swings... or well #sorrynotsorry) So much has been going on since my work trip to Italy, my fight for confidence shoot with Gooseberry Intimates, a new exciting project I'm launching with Frank.J.Lin Photography and finally my move from being a Munich based blogger to a fresh London based blogger (fresh meaning literally got off the plane two hours ago), there is too much excitement to not share everything, if only via instagram. And I swear in no time I will have you all updated on the new and exciting projects we're launching. I just really wanted to thank you for the constant support I've been receiving and I really wouldn't have been able to make this happen without you.
The last days in fall fevered Munich, much like in spring, have been all over the place weather wise. From running in between shoots, to enjoying the Wiesen, finishing some projects at work and preparing myself for the British transition, I have moved on to more casual clothes. In the whirlwind of weather changes, and in the midst of my own comfortability, I had some luck and was thrown some nice "warm" leg bearing weather and so my dungarees came out again. What better way to stay in casual luxury than with a one piece jeans suit?
The thing about my dungarees is that I've owned them since I was around 15 years old. I saw them at Monki one summer when I was in Finland, and they reminded me what it was like when I was 11. When I wore exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. My style came only from me, and my real life influences (my sisters, my mother, my grandmothers, my au pairs and whatever off beat "Hipster" music I was exposed to)I remember switching to my fifth school during fifth grade, three days into the semester & I was a nervous wreck. The only thing keeping me calm, and getting me to stop crying, leave our laundry room and go to school, was that I could pull off my coolest outfit yet. At my old school, everybody knew me (seeing as we were only 20 kids per grade) they knew what I wore, my personality and who I hung out with. I could only do so much with fashion whilst staying within my comfort zone. The switch to the new school opened up a blank canvas for me, where I could pull off any bold outfit I chose and no one could say anything because they didn't know me. The same summer I had been on my first trip abroad Asia, and I was hooked on the colorful Beijing culture and the Harajuku street style of Tokyo. With this current inspiration in mind, I pulled a sludge army green sheer blouse over a blank white tank top with some knee length jean cut-offs and some mix-match print, obnoxiously colored, sheer knee socks. On my feet I put on the only comfy shoes any kid who played in the playground would wear, my electric blue converse with bright red laces. Thinking back, I may have added a few trends too many into one outfit, but at the time it seemed right. I would make an entrance into the new school, and I wouldn't be just any new fifth grader. I would be THE new fifth grader. Obviously since then my style had evolved, magazines have gotten more into my inspiration board (let alone tumblr) and at 15 I was more into fitting in and committing to boyfriends than clothes in my closet. At this age finding denim dungarees (not yet very popular in the street style scene, in tradition to the clothes sold at Monki) I felt that same pride I had back when I had on purpose worn two very differently printed knee high socks. It was fun, it was fresh, it was completely me. The 40e purchase left me on the fence unfortunately for a few years, contemplating on what was important, Boys or Clothes,I still wasn't aware of the reality that you could in fact have both (As long as they've matured past dating because of appearances, or the guy, like my boyfriend now, really adores some of the quirky items hanging in your this one piece suit of mine). I'm glad these bad boys hung around in my closet reminding me of what Fashion really is. Well not fashion but style. Because as they say, Fashion anyone can buy, style however is priceless.
Happy Sunday!