Sunday, December 14, 2014

Game of Tones

As of recent I’ve been third degreed about the amount of clothes I appear to wear when I post. Let me just start off with a) I’m from Finland, London weather is our summer weather. That however has nothing to do with this. I’m cold all the time and I need a coat and multiple layers, which brings me to point b) I despise coats because they ruin outfits. Not saying that every single coat does, I’ve had my share of beautiful coats that MAKE the entire outfit, but when it comes to coats that are there to keep you warm it’s a whole other story. So in short, yes I wear coats but no I don’t like to take lot’s of photos with them.
In light of my on going status of being the “girl half dressed”, here is one of the cases I love a coat. This deconstructed, raw hemmed, over sized piece of absolute luxury is not only pure perfection but London appropriate. My problem with it? My younger sister has the same coat (which is why I purchased it) her closet however is more monochrome/minimalist which meant she makes this coat look amazing 24/7. I was under the impression since we're related the coat would charm me the same way. But like I said she likes her grey scale which works for the coat, where as me and my more flamboyant tendencies don’t always do the coat justice. Making me trying to wear this coat more of a game then an intense closet probing session.
introducing the:
Rule number one) Never buy a coat because it looks great on someone else. This is purely because of  their entire closet which, as chance would have it, is nothing like yours apart from the few items purchased at Zara.

Rule number two) Your coat won’t shine or do you justice if what’s under the coat is better than the coat itself. (A handy trick that I learnt with lingerie. No one will ever appreciate your new dress if whats underneath the dress is much more interesting)

Rule number three) When it comes to the colours grey, blue or beige it’s best you keep them with their tonal family. Not saying you need all fifty shades, but hey that amount seems to sell well. 

Rule number four) If you must be a bit flamboyant splurge on colour with your accessories. My flamboyant partner in crime: Pink. 

Rule number five) You don’t need S&M to be Mr.Grey and keep things interesting, rather go with textures, lengths and layers. 

Playing this game landed me here, and I'm quite satisfied with the result. Only aesthetically though, since apparently wearing skirts and socks in Notting Hill prompt men following you into grocery stores begging for your phone number. Sorry for the constant referencing, but I finally got around to watching the Game of Thrones, and needless to say I’m in love. 

Happy Sunday!

 (Game of Tones Attire)
(Deconstructed Coat - Warehouse)
(Textured Crew Neck - Zara)
(Skirt - Gina Tricot)
(Purse - Bershka)
(Socks - Topshop)
(Candy Heels - Zara)


  1. Grey and pink is such a perfect combo!!!Love the socks&heels look in this outfit!!!


  2. Awesome shots :) I think you must share your photos on, too :)

    1. Thank you so much claire, I'll look into it :) x

  3. great look i have the same bag!

    1. It's such a great bag, I've been way over using it ever since I bought it way back when in dubai! :D
      Thank you for the comment ! :) x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Beatrice! Have a lovely Thursday! :) x

  5. Great how you have put those pink shoes with this outfit...amazingly chic....

    1. Thank you so much Svetlana, the shoes are one of my personal favourites, they're so girly but very chunky at the same time :) Have a lovely thursday! x

  6. A lovely combination. The grey and pink work so well together

  7. mmmm pinky bag is soo cute!!

    check out my blog:

    1. Thank you so much Masha ! :) It's one of my all time favourite accessories :) x