Monday, December 29, 2014

St.Anton Am Arlberg

For me coming home to Munich was the ultimate vacation of the year. After struggling in London the past few months and being away from my boyfriend, friends and family, being alone in a strange apartment got me being anything but happy. There was no surprise that when my family and I took a ski trip to the alps together while I was on my own vacation I felt very lucky. I get to have two vacations instead of just one, and not once have I been alone. (Which trust me after living with 7+ family members for two decades is quite a depressing change) This way I get to spend time with my friends back in Munich, and my family out here in the breath taking St.Anton. And of course a ski-trip to the alps means big beds, cozy fires, actual snow and my ultimate favourite the Alpine Spa. Honestly nothing better than to take a break from taking a break in the fresh mountain air, perfect company and relaxing surroundings. (Not to mention the best "oldies hits" playlist my sister put together for us this year as the soundtrack to our road trip). From experiencing Europe's biggest bordeaux collection through a private wine tasting, to wishing for a little more snow and ending up in a 42 hour blizzard, the non-traditional Christmas didn't seem so bad after all. As much as I don't want to go home without having actually skied (thanks to my knee and this blizzard) I still loved this little break, but I can't wait to go back to Munich to finish up some shoots and finally wrap up work for the year.
Hopefully all your holidays have been refreshing and amazing!
(Yes those are our cars during the 42 hour blizzard)

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